Wavecom Trådløs 2.4 GHz sender/modtager

623,75Kr.  m/Moms
1.250,00Kr.  m/Moms
Du sparer: 626,25Kr.

Unikt trådløst sender og modtagersystem, som kan tilsluttes f.eks. en digital satellitmodtager via SCART-stikket. Sender herefter videosignalet frem til nr. 2 fjernsyn trådløst. Har indbygget fjernbetjeningstilslutning. Herunder følger uddybning af Wavecom på engelsk:

WAVECOM Sr. enables television viewers and music listeners to enjoy crisp, interference-free stereo audio and video reception anywhere in or around their homes or offices without having to run wires from their components up walls or under carpets. The reliable 2.4GHz WAVECOMTM Sr. signal penetrates walls, doors, ceilings, and floors like magic, up to 300 feet away.A built-in remote control extender (RCE) allows viewers to control the audio/video source from the viewing room using an existing remote control!

Consumers are using WAVECOMTM Sr. to make their lives easier in many ways. WAVECOMTM Sr. users can watch cable or DSSTM satellite programs on their bedroom TV without a separate hookup, or they can watch a movie in the kitchen without moving the VCR or laser disc player from the family room. WAVECOMTM Sr. even lets them listen to their CD player in stereo on powered speakers throughout the house without running wires.

WAVECOMTM Sr. also offers consumers several invaluable home safety and security benefits when used with a strategically placed camcorder or surveillance camera.

* Sends and receives crisp color video and stereo audio
* Remote control extender allows your existing remote to control the video or audio source from another room
* Works with any of your existing audio or video components
* Directional antenna transmits up to 300 feet (100 meters) clear line of sight
* Penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings
* 2.4 GHz signal avoids interference from crowded 900 MHz band
* FM transmission penetrates obstacles better than AM
* 4 separate channels allows up to 4 transmitter/receiver pairs to operate simultaneously
* Patented and patent pending technologies

Transmit From:
Satellite Receiver
Cable TV
Laserdisc Player
Wireless Cable
Security Camera (CCD)
Surveillance Camera CCTV)
Computer (converter card required)
Stereo or A/V Receiver
Compact Disc Player

Receive On:
Computer (converter card required)
Powered Speakers
Accessories Included:

12-volt U.L. approved power adapters for transmitter and receiver
Audio/Video cables to connect WAVECOM Sr. to your existing components
Infrared extender to control A/V source